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Scaling up with Definia with Kieren Stevens

How did partnering with The IN Group’s consultancy offering Definia, change your approach to contract recruitment for Investigo? 

A Q&A with Kieren Stevens, Senior Partner, Technology and Transformation, Contract, Investigo

As a contract recruiter at Investigo, what opportunity does partnering with Definia offer you? 

For me, it allows me to talk to my clients about something I am passionate about, Change and Transformation. How can I help my clients achieve their transformation goals, what is their objective, where does their focus lie and how can we effectively use their budget to deliver it? 

As a senior partner for The IN Group, I can offer my clients a suite of services. Often within the change and transformation space, Definia is the best vehicle for delivering a true solution. I love working for a business where this is not only a real offering but also something that is actively encouraged. The IN Group wants us to think bigger, often bigger than the recruitment challenge that is initially presented to us and this is fully supported.

What does Definia add to your client service?

Definia is the consulting arm of The IN Group, offering technology and transformation services to clients under a statement of work. This hybrid approach brings together a traditional consulting approach and contingent workers, under a statement of work engagement which has a defined outcome. Definia works to understand the outcomes your client is driving and align contingent worker engagements with those outcomes.

How is this different from other recruitment businesses?

Other recruitment businesses do try and offer this hybrid consultancy approach, some do it better than others. I like to think we do it best of course! But I feel we have invested a lot of time, energy, and education into creating a true consultancy offering. 

The real differentiator for me is in this education piece. Investigo and the wider group will give you the time, opportunity and focus to build up your understanding of what a brand like Definia can offer your clients. We have real experts within Definia such as CTOs, Change & Transformation Directors, and service delivery experts, people with the same expertise and understanding of the challenges that your clients have. 

What is your role in the partnership with your client and Definia?

At the most basic level, we are a broker matching needs with solutions. We know our clients, we know what they are trying to achieve and we know what The IN Group can offer. My job is to have conversations, ask the right questions that allow us to drill down into what the challenges look like, and identify where we might be able to offer an introduction. We are not expected to deliver the projects but we are here to listen to our clients, understand the key 3/4 things on their agenda, and make an introduction to the experts at Definia. 

What are the benefits to you of partnering with Definia? 

There are lots but my top three would be:

1, Culture of independence. As I said before you are given the opportunity to talk to your clients on their level. I feel empowered to discuss solutions and deliverables from across the group. It is hard to articulate but you are given the space to be independent, there isn’t someone looking over you discussing your KPIs. You are trusted by both Investigo and your client to be a recruitment partner and to work accordingly. 

2, Enhanced expertise. I have moved from transactional provider to talent solutions consultant to my clients. On that journey, I have learned so much from both The IN Group and my clients. I feel so much more aligned with what my client's needs are and what their pain points might be. Through Definia I feel able to confidentially discuss solutions to this. 

3, The rewards. This is still a sales job and we all want the rewards. You will get better returns when you are delivering contingent workers under a statement of work as you are placing larger teams over longer durations with Definia. It is a win: win better job satisfaction and better returns. 

What would you say to contract recruiters looking for more from their everyday roles? 

The IN Group is a place of opportunity. On the one hand, Investigo is 20 years old, it is credible, experienced, and successful. On the other hand, we are now a group, and The IN Group is constantly evolving its offerings. It is more like a start-up environment where you can grow with them, add skills and expertise to your experience, you can elevate yourself and they will not only fully support that but help you get there. For me, it is an exciting place to work for anyone wanting more from their everyday roles.