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US Manufacturer Exec Search - Search for Group Finance & Treasury Position, plus 18 management to director positions across Sales, HR, L&D, and Engineering for North Americas Leading Wire & Cable Manufacturer

​Accelerating change – our client’s business challenge and setting

Being a family-owned business experiencing extensive growth throughout COVID, which included revenue increases, new product development, and various acquisitions of smaller businesses within the same industry, Southwire were looking for an executive search partner who had an international scope. Having previously recruited locally, it was essential to bring in talent with the capabilities to work in a consistently growing environment.

Our approach and response to this challenge

The first six months of our collaboration was spent learning who Southwire are by engaging in monthly catch ups with both HR and division leaders, to build our understanding of their culture, product, and upcoming hiring challenges.

After six months of interaction, each of our division leaders had been introduced and had established regular check-ins and catchups with all job function leaders at Southwire relevant to their specialisms across Corporate, Engineering, Commercial, and Operations.

For each search, we had a weekly regroup and strategy discussion with all team involved in hiring, to update them on market findings, feedback, interview stages and onboarding processes all the way through to signature of contract.

If needed in some cases, we have been able to redirect the search and reassess areas of the market quickly with Southwire by reviewing progress reports together during our weekly catchups to understand how the market was responding to open roles.

So far, all positions we had on our mandate have been filled successfully, aside from those that are part of ongoing projects.

Accelerating results for our client

The operating rhythms established between our companies has led to 20 successful placements for Southwire during a competitive hiring period, locally, within Georgia.

Outside of the weekly catch ups we would have during searches, we also put in place a monthly partnership regroup between our search specialist, the Senior VP of Human Resources, and Head of Talent Acquisition from Southwire to continuously discuss tweaks, success’ and changes needed to strengthen the partnership.

As a result of our consistent contact for two years, we have both adapted to each other’s preferred ways of collaborating. This has enabled us to create an open environment together that supports tough conversations that would usually only occur under one company roof. It’s been a true partnership, that has focused firmly on long-term success, over quick wins.

Quote from Client

“The InX team are incredible recruiting partners. They work to quickly fill the pipeline with a short list of highly qualified candidates. In addition, they are attentive to the business needs and a pleasure to work with. As an HR leader, I am confident in connecting their team directly with my business leaders and letting them go to work the process. Thank you InX, for your efficiency and your partnership to get critical roles filled!”