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Welcome BioTalent to the TIG Family: A Journey of Growth and Leadership

At the end of 2023, we were thrilled to welcome BioTalent into the TIG family. Over the past eight months, we've had the pleasure of getting to know the BioTalent team and their remarkable journey. With BioTalent growing rapidly, we wanted to share some of their inspiring stories. If you're interested in joining a dynamic and supportive team, reach out to our TA team.
Meet Tash Cole

Tash Cole joined BioTalent six years ago with a chemistry degree and a passion for recruitment. Since then, she has carved out an impressive career. Let's dive into Tash's journey at BioTalent and what leadership means to her. Tash brings six years of diverse experience to the table. Starting as a Quality Assurance Consultant, she has evolved into an expert in Account Management. She excels in supporting global clients through the recruitment lifecycle, spanning Quality, Engineering, Tech Ops, Commercial, and Supply Chain roles.

Q. Why did you join BioTalent?

"I landed lucky," Tash reflects. "After graduating with my chemistry degree, I ventured into recruitment. The dog-friendly office at BioTalent immediately caught my attention. I never looked back. Fast forward six years, and I am proud to be part of BioTalent's incredible journey, enjoying every day in our family-feel company culture."

Q. Tell us a bit more about your team

"My team focuses on global recruitment with a strong emphasis on Delivery, Account Activation, and Account Growth. We are the engine of BioTalent, consistently delivering sales and job opportunities for various teams."

Q. What does being a leader at BioTalent mean to you?

"I feel a strong sense of responsibility to pass down the knowledge I gained during my time as a Trainee at BioTalent. The investment made in my growth was significant, and now, I aim to ensure that this knowledge is shared with the team. I believe in adding my own touch while encouraging the team to leverage their unique strengths."

Q. How would you describe your management style?

"I believe in managing people in a way that suits them best. Recognizing individual differences is crucial as there is no 'one size fits all' approach. While I strive to maintain a fun and relaxed environment, my focus remains on driving results and leveraging data to help my team reach their full potential."

Q. Looking ahead: exciting future for Tash’s team

Tash is currently looking to recruit Consultants at all levels who are eager to advance in billing or pivot into management positions. Ideal candidates should have a strong passion for recruitment, a track record of exceptional delivery, and a relentless determination to exceed expectations. In this role, you will engage with global enterprise accounts to optimize spend per account and fill positions within your specific vertical as well as roles that may fall outside your typical scope.

For experienced recruiters or managers considering a move, Tash's journey is a testament to the opportunities and growth potential at BioTalent. The supportive and dynamic environment at BioTalent has allowed Tash to thrive and she is excited about the future.

If BioTalent's story resonates with you and you want to be part of a growing team, don't hesitate to get in touch our TA team. Join us and take the next step in your career!