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Hiring the best, rewarding the best

Reward is in our DNA. We keep our commission plans simple and transparent – and, of course, competitive.

The opportunities for fiscal gain at The IN Group are as ambitious as you, with industry leading commissions, bonuses and sales incentives.

Commission – watch this space

You know what good looks like and so do we. At InX, we reward generously and let you see exactly what you’re due to earn. Our commission calculator gives you up to the minute, accurate calculations on your deals – for 100% transparency and to 100% incentivise.

Sales incentives – grow your wealth

Attracting and retaining the very best talent is what we do. We offer our people industry leading reward schemes, to grab attention.

  • Long-Term Investment Plan– this wealth creation scheme is open to our leaders. Put simply, if you deliver growth, you will get an annual percentage as a bonus – with complete visibility as this figure grows. Allowing our top performers to share profits alongside our shareholders.

  • Platinum Scheme – our consultants can earn up to 40% of their NFI (net fee income) on top of their commission.

Other awards – elite meet elite

With a culture of high performance, rewards come with considerable perks. Top performers jet off with the HIGH ACHIEVERS, to luxury global destinations for a weekend of R&R. Whilst those wishing to stay closer to home can enjoy day trips to exclusive events and locations. Our quarterly SUPPER CLUB, celebrates performance at some of the UK’s most exclusive restaurants.

At InX, we keep our rewards as ambitious as you are.

InX Commission Calculator What are you waiting for? Let’s explore.